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Manage your profit all the way from estimation through to completion, using a cloud-based solution designed for small MEP contractors

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Stop guesstimating your profit on MEP jobs

Your focus is on producing highly accurate estimates to ensure the profitability of every job as this can make or break your business. Manual takeoff with pens, highlighters and paper drawings is frustrating, time consuming and error prone.

With Trimble Metrics, seamlessly link your estimates with contract management for no loss of data to track ongoing project costs across multiple projects in real time

Multitasking at work has become the norm

As an estimator, time is of the essence to churn out detailed, accurate bids out as quickly as they come in whilst managing the procurement lists, invoices and purchase orders.

You find yourself limited by time

Traditional takeoff software and estimating methods are no longer suitable for larger, complicated projects. And with so much pressure to multitask to rapidly turnaround projects and manage project cash flows and to learn how to use new software.

Manual methods of estimating are costing you

Manual takeoff is inefficient and difficult to maintain as your business grows. When it comes to calculating material quantities or labour hours, small margins of error can lead to unforeseen expenses and delays. Not to mention the amount of money you’re spending on printing and storing paper plans.

Estimating your small MEP projects has never been easier.

Leveraging the power of graphical takeoff, material pricing and labor, Trimble Metrics helps you build accurate estimates faster.

Say goodbye to hours of manual estimating work.

Electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings directly in the software and it automatically lists your takeoffs onto a takeoff summary sheet.

Using tailored MEP material picklists sourced from the Luckins database, Trimble Metrics will help you to produce accurate material and labour quantity estimates that can also be used for getting quotes and ordering materials from your suppliers.

Seamlessly integrate estimation with contract management.

No need to worry over importing and exporting the right estimates to a separate contract management system. Trimble Metrics has an integrated Contract Management functionality, which automatically transfers the data from your won estimates to view the financial metrics of the job.

Works the way you do. No training required.

Trimble Metrics emulates traditional paper takeoff sheets and workflows so you can work in an environment you are familiar with.

It’s also easy enough to use that even inexperienced members of your team can start building a bid in a matter of minutes.

Access it anywhere for true collaboration.

Access your drawings and estimates wherever you have an Internet connection - whether that's in the office, on a job site, or with a hotspot in your truck.

With shared access, office administrators can help setup and finish the estimate -- the estimator needs only to worry about filling in the trade-specific detail.

The right feature set for UK MEP contractors

No training required

So easy to use, there's no need to take hours of software training.

Graphical takeoff

Electronically measure, count, and mark up PDF drawings, automatically filling in the takeoff sheet.

Luckins Database

Access to over 1 million items from UK’s largest catalog of HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing items

Construction Labour Costs

Use Luckins’ UK industry-standard set of labour costs to create a detailed labour estimate.

Cloud hosted

Access your drawings and estimates wherever you have an Internet connection.

Contract Management

No need to import and export estimates into a separate Contract Management software.

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Free 30 day trial, no credit card required

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